VMware VCAC 6.0.1

Hello all,

I know i’m a Microsoft Fan but i’m also an Integrator and part of my job is to design solutions for IT challenges.

This week my boss came to me with a new challenge VCAC, at first i didn’t understand what he was saying I’m not kidding such a bad name i got to say.

Anyway the task was to prepare a DEMO for the VMware Event in Tel-Aviv and show the world this product by VMware.


Ok so i started up creating my lab but this time it had to be a big lab and i will also need to export it to the event.

I got V7000 by IBM for the storage side, 3 IBM X3550M3 for the Vsphere ESXi 5.5 Infrastructure, Fiber Channel Switch Cisco, A Network Switch 1GB Cisco, Management Station

So i put it all together and installed the VCenter + Update Manager + V7000 plug-in…

I added an Active Directory and DNS server 2012R2 ofcourse…next i created a few templates such as an IIS server 2012R2, A clean 2012R2, A clean 2008R2, FileServices 2012R2.

Now I’m ready to install the VCAC, but wait i forgot to tell you about it LOL…

Lets start with the full name VMware vCloud Automation Center so now you get the idea, this product basically extends the IT ability to control the private and public cloud infrastructure by creating a one stop place were users can easily create and manage their Virtual Machines whether there in the private or out side in the public (Azure, Amazon)

It’s amazing how simple this makes provisions a new VM (Iaas) (Xaas) also it can give you a comparison chart while completing the request forum.

Here’s the Main site with a short video about the product :


So i started the installation and im telling you it’s not easy i thought it will be a walk in a park but it’s not, I work with a lot of VMware products and other IT products but this was the worst.

you basically need two VMware Appliance the VCAC appliance and the Identity appliance for the SSO and the last part is the IIS yep that’s right you must have a Microsoft Windows Machine with IIS…thats because this entire product works on the Microsoft Orchestrator (System Center) WOW, i heard from a friend that they are trying to move it on to another appliance but for now it a requirement.


Here’s a great installtion guide :






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