Vsphere 5.5 on Netapp FAS2220

This week i am converting a Hyper-V 2008R2 Infrastructure to VMware Vsphere 5.5 Infrastructure.

Firstly i would like to say the “walk in the park” isn’t the best word to describe the Netapp Installation and don’t get me started with the Ontap upgrade that’s just not friendly.

So starting off the first thing is to boot up the Netapp and connect your laptop to the Console and fire up the Putty via Serial.

You will get the initial setup like the Host-name and IP configuration, once your done with that guess what you need to do this again on the second controller.

Once your done with that you will need to install the client component to gain access to the storage called (On command 3.0)

Then you will receive this screen


Next you will add your IP/Hostname of both controllers.


The next step was to install the Vsphere ESXi 5.5 on the temp Server X3250M4

Once the installation is a success  and configure the Network parameters just install Vsphere Client and connect to the Temp ESXi.

Next connect the ESXi to the Storage via NFS, before that we need to create a volume and configure NFS permission (Exports) on the netapp side.

Now just create a new virtual machine and install the Windows Server 2008R2 add it to the domain and install the Vsphere SSO + Vcenter + Web Client + Vsphere Client + Update Manager yeah i know a bunch of installs but don’t worry it’s fast.

Connect to the Vcenter’s IP from the Vsphere Client.



Create a new Datacenter and finish up the creation of new Cluster.

You need to pick your poisson “HA, EVC, DRS”….

After that all you need to do is just start adding the ESXi Host to the Datacenter.

Now you are managing the Vsphere ESXi via Vsphere VCenter…whats that all about ?!?

Once you want to use the ablity such as VMotion, Storage VMotion, HA, DRS, FT….all that and more will be available only when working with Vsphere VCenter rather than the VSphere ESXi Free Edition !

Unlike Microsoft Hyper-V 2012R2 that can do almost all of above without purchasing the SCVMM (The Microsoft version for VCenter).

But still our client is moving his Hyper-V cluster to a VMware cluster so lets continue….


Next up V2V conversion Hyper-V to VMware.

A little brif, the Hyper-v uses  VHD and VHDx for Virtual HardDrives, and VMware uses VMDK.

We need an application to provide a conversion from VHD to VMDK.

A small search on Bing.com will get you a few options but I will summarize the top three:

1.VMware Standalone converter 5.5


2.StarWind Convertor


3. Disk2VHD


I used the VMware Standalone converter 5.5 and converted 2 servers for test, when finished you will need to install the VMware Tools to provide the VM with newly vmware drivers instead of Integration services that the Hyper-v provided before.

After successfully converting the entire infrastructure I have destroyed the HV Cluster and installed on both hosts the ESXi 5.5 and joined them to the VCenter Cluster pre created.

Now Vmotion all servers to the newly imported ESXi’s and evict the TEMP servers for the project.

Thats it,

Hope u enjoyed

Henry Hazot



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