Group policy reset to default

So will start with resetting the domain level Group Policy.

1. Log on as a domain administrator to one of you Domain Controllers.
2. Start a command line session. 
3. To reset the Domain GPO, type 
dcgpofix /target:Domain
To reset the Default DC GPO, type 
dcgpofix /target:DC
To reset both the Domain and Default DC GPOs, type 
dcgpofix /target:both

4.After you enter the appropriate command in Step 3, enter Y to both prompts. 
5. Close the command window. 

Use the command-line tool dcgpofix:

When using Exchange, you should also read the following:

Now for resetting the local GPO account that’s a bit different:
To Reset “Local Group Policy” to Default using a VBS File

NOTE: You must be logged in as an administrator in Windows to be able to do this option.

1. Click/tap on the Download button below to download the VBScript file below, then run it.


2. If prompted, click/tap on Open
NOTE: If you like, you can stop getting the Run prompt by unblocking the downloaded .vbs file.

3. If prompted by UAC, then click/tap on Yes(Windows 7/8) or Continue (Vista).

4. The Local Group Policy Editor has now been reset back to default.

Hope this help you,

Best regards,

Henry Hazot


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