Backup Free ESXi & Hyper-V

Hello all,

I was looking for a while for a simple way to backup Hyper-V/ESXi free edition all versions.

I tried a lot of products but at the end i have to say the only product that was simple to use was the Trilead VM Explorer.

I know you probably wonder why not Veeam that was my first choice and i was a bit disappointed that they don’t support the Free ESXi Version 😦

So if you have a Free Hyper-V/ ESXi and you want a Free backup solution this is the product for you.

So whats the downside :

1. No Schedule (At least for the free edition)

2.Sometimes the snapshots won’t successfully removed and you will need to manually delete them.



VMware vSphere ESX/ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V back-up and recovery solution

Trilead® VM Explorer® is a tool for the facilitation of management, back-up and disaster recovery tasks in your VMware ESX and Microsoft Hyper-V environment. VM Explorer® supports VMWare vCenter. Back-ups can be stored on ESX/vSphere, Windows, Linux or FreeBSD-based storage platforms, or directly to a SAN. VM Explorer® requires only one license for your infrastructure – no fees per host or CPU.


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