Active Directory Migration Tool


  Using ADMT to Migrate a Test User

The following steps show how to use ADMT to migrate a test user.

To migrate a test user using ADMT

  1. Log on to as Administrator
  2. Click Start, click Administrative Tools, and click Active Directory Migration Tool. This will bring up ADMT.
  3. At the top, in the left pane, right-click Active Directory Migration Tool, and select User Account Migration Wizard. This will launch the User Account Migration Wizard.


  4. On the Welcome to the User Account Migration Wizard screen, click Next.


  5. On the Domain Selection screen, under Source for Domain enter
  6. On the Domain Selection screen, under Source for Domain controller enter
  7. On the Domain Selection screen, under Target for Domain enter
  8. On the Domain Selection screen, under Target for Domain controller enter Click Next.
  9. On the User Selection Option screen, leave the radio button select for Select users from domain. Click Next.
  10. On the User Selection screen, click Add. This will bring up the Select Users dialog box.
  11. On the Select Users dialog box, under Enter the object names to select, enter Britta Simon and click Check Names. Once that has resolved and is underlined, clickOK. This will close the Select Users dialog box.
  12. On the User Selection screen, click Next.
  13. On the Organizational Unit Selection screen, next to the box for Target OU, click Browse. This will bring up the Browse for Container dialog box.
  14. On the Browse for Container dialog box, select ResourceForestUsers. Click OK. This will close the Browse for Container dialog box.
  15. On the Organizational Unit Selection screen, click Next.
  16. On the Password Options screen, leave the defaults and click Next.
  17. On the Account Transition Options screen, under Target Account State, select Disable target accounts.
  18. On the Account Transition Options screen, place a check in Migrate user SIDs to target domain. Click Next.
  19. On the User Account screen, under User name: enter Administrator.
  20. On the User Account screen, under Password enter Pass1word!.
  21. On the User Account screen, under Domain enter CORP.
  22. On the User Account screen, click Next.
  23. On the User Options screen, leave the defaults and click Next.
  24. On the Object Property Exclusion screen, leave the defaults and click Next.
  25. On the Conflict Management screen, select Migrate and merge conflicting objects. Click Next.
  26. On the Completing the User Account Migration Wizard screen, review the summary and click Finish. This will launch the Migration Progress window.
  27. On the Migration Progress screen, verify the Status: is Completed, that under Users it reports 1 for Examined and it reports 1 for Copied.
  28. On the Migration Progress screen, click Close.
  29. Close Active Directory Migration Tool.

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