Converting Exchange P2V

Hello all,

Best practices while converting an Exchange Server from a physical to virtual infrastructure.

This regards also any Database server such as : Oracle, MySQL, MS-SQL Server, Exchange Server, etc. and also to any virtual infrastructure.

This example is due a VMware Infrastructure.

VMware Converter: P2V Preparation Best Practices

 The latest information can be found in this VMware KB Article.

  • If the source is a database server, First shut down the services prior to starting the conversion process.
  • When giving VMware Converter credentials to convert your source machine, use the local Administrator, or Root, user account.If the system is Esxi 5.1 you can convert against the VCenter and not directly to ESXi. Domain\administrator
  • A Windows domain admin account may work, but a local admin account is preferred.
  • The name of the new VM has to be unique.
  • At least 200 MB of free space is required on a Windows system drive Very Important.
  • Use IP addresses, rather than DNS host names.
  • If you are using vCenter Server, convert the source machine using the Converter Plugin.
  • If you are converting directly to an ESX server, use the ESX server’s Root account credentials.
  • If the source machine has disks or partitions that are larger than 256 GB, verify that the ESX local disk, or SAN LUN, has been formatted with a block size greater than 1 MB.  When a vmfs partition is formatted, the default is 1 MB.
  • Do not convert diagnostic partitions or unrecognized file systems.
  • If space permits, do not resize any of the partitions.
  • Leave the default number of NICs unaltered.  Extra NICs can be removed after the conversion completes.
  • Do not install VMware Tools until after the conversion is done.

That’s it, your good to go.


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