TechEd 2013

Getting Started

As I promised this year I will blog live from the TechEd 2013.

I have arrive to New Orleans yesterday and the first thing you do when u get to the hotel is hock up to the WIFI connection J

Now that I have unlimited access to the internet I can blog without any interruption.

So the first thing I will say that this is a huge event and Microsoft did a good job setting up everything, you got a shuttle from any hotel in the area to pick you up and back to the conference ok we did pay a lot to enter the Event (3000$).

Once you get there you registered and get your tag and materials:














Finally I got the tag to enter the event:







Volunteer Work the first day

On the first day you can also participate in a volunteer group that helps rebuilding houses for family that can’t afford the renovation after the big hurricane Katrina so it’s nice that you could help them out just for one day.





























Back from the Building site….

As I come back to pick up my bag for the conference I realize a long line…I start to wait in it without knowing for what, after asking a few folks they told me it is for a Microsoft Surface Tablet so I already have a nice tablet IPad but the Surface is really cool u get a windows 8 OS build in with Office 2013 already installed you key a cool keyboard that is easily attached to the surface.

Guess what that price is…399$ for the pro version 128GB and I5 Intel CPU, and u can get another cheaper one for 99$ a 64GB and a 1300 MHz quad-core ARM CPU.













TechEd – First Day 3 May 2013


It took a while but this is because it is too hard to stay online and be able to listen to all the great sessions so it won’t be live but I will upload the key things.

The sessions I have attended so far are:

Active Directory Azure:

Basically gives u the ability to use a directory for all of you mobile/apps that are on the external network and the best example that will make u understand is “Office 365” think about it for a minute…

What is office 365? It’s an exchange online system and exchange needs active directory so actually Microsoft used the Active Directory Azure since the BizTalk that is now Office 365 but they didn’t give it a name.

Now it has a name “Active Directory Azure” so anyone that is using the Office 365 or the Exchange Online is also using the Active Directory Azure.

Also great feature is the Single Sign On support.

Now the WOW feature that I mostly like is the “Multi Authentication method”

I don’t know if Microsoft calls it that but that’s how I called it…what does it do?

When u log-on to your Office 365/OWA account or Azure you put in Username and Password and you get access.

What would u say if you will have another security object that will be requested from the user for further approval like the server will call up the user and the user will need to hit a number and that will complete the authentication process.

I think that is a great security achievement by Microsoft.

In the session they did a demo and it really works.



So let’s see what else I learned:

Look how the new Exchange 2013 HA solutions works nothing could break this J












Got to love the New Responders those that need any respond:


Sampling -> Detection -> Recovery new to 2013 you can have more than one alert and time it differently without any difficulty configuration:


New Health Sets:

I didn’t forget the PowerShell commands:

I hope u enjoy J    


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