Exchange 2010 Migration from Exchange 2003

Mailbox issue when migrating from 2003

My last big migration I meet a small issue regarding Associate Mailbox and wanted to share this info.

When moving a mailbox from Exchange 2003 to 2010 you may see that the mailbox is listed as a Link-Mailbox and not a User-Mailbox.

This issue needs to be fix as soon as possible because it means that the mailbox thinks he is associated with another external mailbox witch is polemic when u will remove your old exchange at the end of a migration.

It’s highly recommended to convert the Link-Mailbox to a User-Mailbox and then u could safely remove your Exchange 2003.

So how can we fix this issue ?

1. Backup the user mailbox (I prefer a quick PST backup)

2. We need to disconnect the mailbox using the Exchange Shell very simple task:


3. Now display all Disabled accounts

Get-MailboxDatabase | Get-MailboxStatistics | where {$_.DisconnectReason -ne $null} | ft displayname,database,disconnectreason -auto

DisplayName Database DisconnectReason

———– ——– —————-

Henry MB-HO-01 Disabled

TestMB BR MB-BR-01 SoftDeleted

Aisha Bhari MB-BR-01 SoftDeleted

4. Now we can reconnect:

Connect-Mailbox –Identity Henry –Datastore MB01 –User Henry.Hazot

Can we avoid this in our next Migration?

Yes, logon to the Exchange 2003 and open the mailboxes

Go the specific user permissions and check to see that the Associated Mailbox is not Checked!

Mostly could happen when an administrator (Not a smart one) check all of the boxes without knowing what is what but he needed to grant full access to that mailbox.

Hope you enjoyed.

Best Regards,

Henry Hazot


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