Remote Mailbox Exchange 2010 SP2

Create a Remote Mailbox

Exchange 2010
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Applies to: Exchange Server 2010 SP3, Exchange Server 2010 SP2

Use the New Remote Mailbox wizard to create a mail-enabled user in your Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 on-premises organization with an associated mailbox in the cloud-based service.

A remote mailbox consists of a mail-enabled user that exists in the on-premises Active Directory and an associated mailbox that exists in the cloud-based service. When you create a new remote mailbox, the mail-enabled user is created in your on-premises Active Directory. Then, directory synchronization, if it’s configured, automatically synchronizes this new user object to the cloud-based service which then converts it to a user mailbox. You can create remote mailboxes as regular user mailboxes or as resource mailboxes for meeting rooms and equipment.

Directory synchronization and mail flow should be configured correctly for a mailbox to be created in the service. Creation of the mailbox in the service isn’t immediate and depends on the directory synchronization schedule.

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